The Truth About Vintage

Why shop vintage? I'm here to explain the ins and outs about this new trend. Some think that it's just a new and edgy trend, but it's more than that. These pieces contain so much history and so many stories.

Not to mention, vintage clothing is usually more sustainable. Nowadays everything is fast fashion, but these vintage pieces stand out. Unlike the majority of clothing, vintage pieces are rare. They are passed down throughout the years with multiple different owners across the world. Once you find that perfect vintage piece, you'll have a hard time find the exact same one. 

At Lacy Coe, you will find that some of our vintage is from our hometown, St. Louis, MO. However, we also receive a lot of our vintage pieces from Venice, CA. Every piece containing its own unique design and story. 

Ethically speaking, vintage pieces defer from fast fashion and second hand because if they are not sold, then they are re-entered into the recycling process. During this process they will be re-worked or dyed, graded, and re sold to companies. However at Lacy Coe, we hand pick our vintage for our customers. In addition to the recycling process, vintage clothing often has less carbon footprints than that of fast fashion.

So next time you're shopping for a cute and casual t-shirt, consider taking a closer look at our vintage section. Hopefully, this gave you a better insight and different perspective into the world of vintage fashion. Maybe you could be the next owner of one of our vintage pieces! 


Lacy Coe

-Kyla N.

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