No Boys... Only Boyfriend Jeans

Where have you been all this time? Boyfriend jeans are so in and slim jeans are out! Boyfriend jeans don't always have to be grunge, so join us as we explore new and fun ways of styling these jeans.



At Lacy, we currently have the Ripper Jeans (top picture) and the Rockafellar Jeans (bottom picture). We have styled both of these so many different ways. They work with a sexy crop top or or even a blazer for that professional street look!


1. Tops

Depending on the look you're going for, you can put any top with these jeans. Pair your boyfriend jeans with a cute crop top or sweater for a casual everyday look. For a sexy going out look, we love to pair these jeans with some Lacy Lingerie. 


2. Outerwear

For those chiller days, these boyfriend jeans pair well with jackets or blazers. Common pairs that we love are the Rockafellar Jeans with our Girl Crush Blazer or the Ripper Jeans with our Girl Boss Blazer. For a more cozy casual look, you can always pair these jeans with a trendy puffy jacket too!


3. Shoes

Again, depending on the look you're going for, these jeans can be very versatile. Our boyfriend jeans look stunning with a cute pair of heels or even some trendy sneakers! However, don't feel limited, especially with winter coming up. You can always pair these jeans with some booties too!


4. Accessories

At Lacy, we love to add our Lack of Color hats to spice up these jeans. These hats add a little edge to your outfit that you wouldn't normally see. For a grunge look, we love to wear our boyfriend jeans with vintage belts. Lastly, we always wear cute hoops or layered necklaces for a trendy look!


5. Confidence

Not everyone is comfortable with boyfriend jeans since they may believe that they don't look right on them. However, that is not true! With this trend coming back in style, anyone can rock a comfortable pair of boyfriend jeans with a bit of confidence. You never know until you try, but I can tell you that you won't regret your decision with our boyfriend jeans.


We hope that this helps a bit when styling your boyfriend jeans. Don't forget to take pics and tag us @LacyCoe! We love to see the outfits our customers create!


Lacy Coe

- Kyla N.

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