Accessories are a MUST!

Don't stop there.. Accessorize Babe! 

Spice it up! Accessorizing is my favorite part of figuring out the outfit. It puts on the final touch of what the vibe is going to be. Want to turn heads? Put on a hat.. gets em every time... 


-I love this purse! I have one of my own... you can wear the Excuma purse with a bag inside of it so that you don't see the items inside (a fashionable bag to make it spicy!) or just as is if you don't mind! I wear mine as is!

-I wear this romper running errands on a hot summer day. Its so light and airy! Wear it as a swimsuit cover up or dress it up like we did for a country concert or night out with the girls! 



 Layer, Layer, Layer 

I love, love gold jewelry! It gives a super boho vibe and looks so good with a tan! I also love to layer. Some of the necklaces above come layered. The shell necklace is layered with the Olivia Necklace!


And the pearl clips... I cannot get over the pearl clips. If you have seen me out recently, you have no seen me without this in my hair. It makes me feel so cute and girly! These clips come in a pack of 3. I have layered them and worn them all separately. 



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